Most frequent questions and answers

There are 3 skin types: Oily, Dry, and Combination Skin. It’s best to know your skin type first before buying any cosmetic product. Read our guide to skin types if you have no idea on what your skin type is.

Due to hygienic purposes, we don’t accept return and exchange; however, we do offer coupon and promo incentive codes on products that will give you a significant discount. You may choose to use it on the skincare line that you think is best for you.

Break out and purging is different. Some products may cause purging which means that the product is working. If you have congested pores, purging may occur. Our products are tried and tested which means they are safe to use and break out will less likely to happen. Please contact us if you need more information.

Please send us a photo of the packaging label and the items you received, we’ll be happy to ship the correct items at no cost.

We use titanium and stainless steel. These metals will not tarnish and can be used daily. They are also suitable for people who have sensitive skin or have a tendency to get bad reactions from wearing fancy pieces of jewelry.

You may use multiple voucher codes in one transaction. Please enter voucher codes before checking out. If you accidentally clicked on submit button without them, you may contact us.