Basic Skin Care Products Must-Haves

When it comes to skincare, you have to think long-term. Ageing is inevitable, but would it be nice if we can delay it a bit? Yes, it is possible to delay ageing and look younger than your age. Skincare requires your full commitment. If you don’t have any idea where to start, here is a guide on what to use for your skin regimen.


Anti-Oxidants (Vitamin C, Licorice, Plant Oils, Niacinamide, Resveratrol)

Keep in mind to choose the right antioxidants based on your skin type. Vitamin C might be too harsh for sensitive skin, but it is perfect for oily skin type. These ingredients will make you picture-ready for your Amsterdam canal tour. Antioxidants prevent wrinkles from forming. And since they repel the oxidants responsible for blemishes, antioxidants help in brightening and keeping your skin glowing.

Skin Restorers (Retinol, Vitamin A, AHA)

skin lotionSkin restorers help in skin renewal. Our skin restores on its own; however, as we age, the restoration process becomes longer. Skin restorers help skin cells to renew to reveal the younger-looking skin. They are commonly used during night time. They help prevent signs of ageing such as photo aging and wrinkles. Don’t use any forms of acid on your face if you will be out all day in Amsterdam city center sights trip. Just remember that skin restorers will cause sensitivity of the skin against the sun. As much as possible, stay away from the sun.

Hydrating Products (Ceramides, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycerin)

Hydration is the most important part of your skincare routine. There is no need for fancy ingredients. Moisturizers, regardless of their price, companies use almost the same ingredients in making these products. Moisturizers serve as skin barriers that keep the water or moisture in your skin. Don’t skip moisturizing your skin even during summer Amsterdam city famous sights and pass. Our skin needs moisture to stay healthy and glowing.

beauty cream

Skin Protectors (SPF)

Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun is bad for your skin. Exposure under extreme sunlight for long periods will cause hyper pigmentation and skin damage. When looking for SPF, choose products that are non-comedogenic and irritants-free.

5 thoughts on “Basic Skin Care Products Must-Haves”

  1. Helena says:

    Which one is better, organic products or over-the-counter products?

  2. Jessica says:

    Why masks are not included here? Masks helped my skin a lot after a terrible breakout last summer. I love mixing turmeric powder and honey and put them on my face for 15 mins.

  3. Donna says:

    Be careful with using any products on your face. Don’t forget to do a patch test. I bought a toner that was too strong for me, and it destroyed my face.

    1. Nona says:

      It’s the alcohol that burned your facial skin. The trick is to always read the label.

  4. Florida says:

    Always go for the essentials – moisturizer. Having a good moisturized skin is a must 🙂

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